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We’d love to show you the reason why our business opportunity is as tantalizing as our most mouth-watering burritos. Wrapchic is a company built on passion; passion for heritage alongside invention; a passion for vibrant colours and flavours, yet bonded by simple and precise business methodology. Wrapchic now has over 10 stores and is successfully trading in various sectors and locations – from malls to the high streets from universities to hospitals.  Wrapchic now trade in 9 major cities of UK – and now Dubai. But Wrapchic are not done yet.  In fact – they have only just started. Wrapchic have big ambitions for the future and plan to take this great UK phenomenon across the entire UK and even the globe.



There are multiple company owned and franchised Wrapchic sites attracting legions of adoring fans around the country. Wrapchic founder, Mahesh, is still working just as hard and has a great team in place to help him support the franchisees and their teams wherever they decide to open next. We have an incredibly strong brand, combined with a unique product range and a visionary leader who will not rest until Wrapchic has a global presence. Anyone wanting to open their own Wrapchic outlet will have to be an extremely capable individual completely dedicated to following our proven system and building a very successful business.


We will help you find and acquire the right premises, design and fit it out, guide you in choosing the best staff, help you market locally in addition to the national marketing overseen at head office and support you every step of the way to open amidst a fanfare of excitement and PR!


Some business opportunities are built on the back of an existing trend and may do well, but others create the trend and then stay out in front of it – Wrapchic is the trend.

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Wrapchic are proud to be a member of the British Franchise Association.  The bfa sets standards on what constitutes best practice in franchising.  The bfa provides objective advice and information to prospective franchisees and franchisors.